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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapy may be the first time that you have been truly listened to, with acceptance and without judgement. I work with a Humanistic Gestalt perspective; this means that I believe that your unique experience as an individual is the most important thing in the therapeutic relationship.

The goal of therapy is to raise your awareness. The more awareness you have of the habitual patterns that trigger your behaviours, the greater choice you will have in tackling challenging situations.

l work creatively and, as our sessions unfold, I may suggest using different materials, objects and enacting situations as a way of helping you actively explore the problem and raise your awareness.

What Therapy Can Do For You.


Sustaining intimate relationships can be challenging. When there is difference and misunderstanding, we can find ourselves in conflict.

Sometimes we avoid relationships because that involves risk. The opposite is to skip from one person to another, failing to make deep, authentic connection.

We will explore the habitual behaviours that are no longer serving your needs and deepen your awareness, so as to find acceptance in yourself and others and make more space for love and connection in your life.


We will identify the basis of your anxiety. This will involve building your personal resources, by exploring what is happening to your body and identify your negative thoughts and subsequent actions. The aim is to manage your symptoms, so you can lead a life as full and rewarding as you deserve.


We will make sense of your loss of energy and motivation for life, explore the unmet needs that are preventing you from making rich connections with the world around you. We will look to raise your energy, identify areas of helplessness and unfinished business, challenge negative beliefs and increase your self and relational support.


Being overwhelmed by emotional suffering following the death of a loved one is a natural human response. The emotions can be varied and are likely to change as you digest the enormity of your loss. I will encourage you to bring all of your emotions and will endeavor to help you adapt to the transitions surrounding loss.


Working with trauma would be carefully assessed and I would be gentle in progressing our work. We will focus on areas in which you require more support and explore methods of resourcing. I will support you in understanding how the trauma memory is affecting you and attune to you with my presence and empathy. We will work together in expressing suppressed emotions and review beliefs that may no longer be supporting your growth. We will look to integrate the memories and make meaning of their impact.

Low self-esteem

Is your low self-esteem restricting your possibilities? In this social media- driven life, it is hard not to keep constantly comparing ourselves to others.

Our emotions are serving us, giving us important messages. If you do not listen to your emotions you may be missing vital clues. I will help you connect to your emotions, identify your “whys” and help you achieve self-acceptance.